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Programs in Buddhist Studies
On-line Guides to Buddhist Studies Programs
Web sites of Selected Institutions

(For language courses see Buddhist languages.)

On-line Guides to Buddhist Studies Programs

Academic Study of Buddhism
This guide is part of the Buddhism and Buddhist Studies World-Wide Web Virtual Library. It provides links to selected academic centers for Buddhist Studies.

College and University Homepages
A geographical listing of college and university homepages in a variety of countries around the world.

Graduate Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religions
This database, edited by Dr. Charles Muller at Toyo Gakuen University, provides information on and links to graduate programs around the world.

Peterson’s: Studying Abroad
Provides information on university level Buddhist Studies programs abroad.

Religion, Religions, Religious Studies
This page by Professor Gene R. Thursby of the University of Florida contains a large collection of links to Religious Studies and Theology programs in colleges and universities in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Sadhu! Theravada Buddhism Web Directory and Portal
Provides a list of Theravada Buddhist centres and universities that offer programs involving both Buddhist practice and scholarship.

Society for the Study of Japanese Religions
A collection of links related to Japanese religions including a limited selection of study abroad programs.

Web sites of Selected Institutions
This list focuses on study abroad programs and less traditional institutions for Buddhist Studies. Most traditional universities with Buddhist Studies programs can be linked to through the some of the addresses listed above in "On-line guides to Buddhist Studies Programs".

Naropa University
Naropa is a non-sectarian liberal arts college influenced by a Buddhist educational heritage. Naropa offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of subjects including psychology, Buddhist studies, environmental studies, writing and education. 

Antioch Education Abroad
Buddhist Studies programs in Japan and India. (Accredited)

Emory University
Tibetan Studies Program in Dharamsala. (Accredited)

Toronto College of Buddhist Studies
A nonsectarian Canadian college which provides a certificate or diploma in Buddhist Studies. The program covers Buddhist meditation as well as Buddhist philosophy, history and theory. 

City of Ten Thousands Buddhas
This international Buddhist community of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association offers education for children and through the university level.

Friends World Program 
The Friends World Program in Comparative Religion and Culture is a two semester program in Taiwan, India and Israel. (Accredited)

School for International Training
56 programs around the world designed for U.S. university students, including a Tibetan Studies Program in Dharamsala, India. (Accredited)

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